Organic & Natural Foods
Organic foods are those grown or produced without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, or food additives. Organic foods are all-natural, and therefore have a more robust and flavorful taste, and usually retain more health benefits than genetically modified or processed foods.

A large portion of our inventory consists of organic and all-natural foods. We have a large selection of organic produce, frozen foods, meats and poultry, wine, breads, and more. Specialty breads include Alvarado Street, Food for Life, and Rudi's brand English muffins, buns, pizza crust, and pitas. If you would like JJ's to stock a particular item, please submit a Special Request.

In addition to our Weekly Specials, we offer a monthly in-store ad dedicated solely to organic and natural foods. Don't forget to pick one up on your next grocery run!



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